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The Darkest Shade of Blue Press Release

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From the author of PRETTY BOY BLUE comes another daring

story chronicling the romantic trials and triumphs of the great Nikki Blue.

(Washington, D.C. – July 1, 2019) – Nikki Blue, the unforgettable heroine of the eyeopening

debut novel, PRETTY BOY BLUE, is back. In THE DARKEST SHADE OF

BLUE, released on Friday, June 21, from iUniverse Publishing, author Monika M.

Pickett pens a searing, sexy continuation of Nikki’s riveting story, a lesbian’s ongoing

search to find acceptance as well as personal – and sexual – fulfillment in a complicated

and sometimes hostile society.

Despite growing up in a New Jersey community where same-sex desire wasn’t accepted,

Nikki always believed that she would find love and commitment with another woman,

refusing to be held down by society’s standards. As a young person, she has dating

adventures, eventually moving from college life to military service, and becomes

pregnant while overseas.

In this riveting second novel, upon returning to the States, Nikki is devastated after a

breakup from her lover Katrice. Nonetheless, she draws strength from within, giving

birth to her beautiful son, Karlos, while garnering the support of family and true friends.

Determined to make it, she goes on to work in advertising for a major Washington D.C.

publication, climbing the corporate ladder while exploring her erotic self in her personal

life. She dares to open her heart again to two women: Danielle, a tall Virginian who

adores Nikki’s son but for whom Nikki questions her attraction, and Valencia, a sales rep

who hires Nikki as a birthday party dancer, with the two soon embracing moments of

exquisite passion.

The brand-new sequel should delight and excite fans of 2017’s PRETTY BOY BLUE,

which drew praise from both straight and gay readers for its emotional honesty, erotic

encounters, and raw examination of the realities in store for a young African American

lesbian. In this second book of the fictional trilogy, Nikki tries to balance her sexual

identity while serving in the military, frequenting the club scene, and trying to find love.

“It’s a nice segue from the first book. Nikki always wanted a family; she always wanted

that life. And in this book, she’s determined to find that,” says Pickett.

“In the sequel, she comes into her own. She believes I am going to have a child; I can be

a lesbian and have a child. I am going to have a wife, whereas years ago it wasn’t feasible

or acceptable.

“This shows Nikki’s growth, personally and in her relationships,” Pickett continues. “For

this book, I want people to think about dispelling stereotypes and over-generalizations

about the lesbian lifestyle. And in THE DARKEST SHADE OF BLUE, Nikki becomes

more self-aware and won’t allow other people to define her.”

Readers are in store for another literary treat offering both sensual adventures and life’s

hard truths while rooting for Nikki every step of the way.

THE DARKEST SHADE OF BLUE is available on Amazon and other leading digital retail



Monika M. Pickett is a veteran of the United States Army, in which she served as a

medic in Operation Desert Storm. She is an advocate and activist for the LGBTQ

community. Pickett is a former advertising sales executive with The Washington Times

and the National Society of Black Engineers. She earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins

University, Maryland in 2005. Pickett is also the author of a monthly column, available

online at and, where she shares her thoughts, experiences,

and advice about coming out, same-sex marriage and divorce, navigating the U.S.

healthcare system, ongoing cultural bias, and other issues. She currently lives in

Woodbridge, Virginia.

Ms. Pickett is a highly sought-after speaker and LBGTQ rights activist. She is available

for press interviews and book signings. For more information, go to the website:

Book Details


Author: Monika M. Pickett

Publisher: iUniverse Publishing

Distributed by: iUniverse Publishing

Publication Date: June 25, 2019

ISBN: 9781532076992 (Hardcover)

ISBN: 9781532074196 (Softcover)

ISBN: 9781532074189 (ebook)

Price: $ 26.99 (HC), $16.99 (SC), $9.99 (EB)

Format: E-Book, Perfect Bound Softcover, and Dusk Jacket Hardcover

Page Count: 218

Five-Star Raves for Monika M. Pickett’s PRETTY BOY BLUE

Amazon: “Pretty Boy Blue is a MUST read! It’s riveting and hard to put down!”

Amazon: “I’m so mad this book ended! I can’t wait for the next one. So much of Nikki’s

experiences were relatable. She had me going. Great read Ms. Pickett!”

Amazon: “Reading this book was immersive, informative, raw, and true ... Even as a

straight woman, knowing the reading and learning that the struggles of being a lesbian

does not change the struggle of finding yourself as a woman period. To have that insight

and have Monika be brave enough to share it from as many angles as she could in this

book was amazing.”

Amazon: “This book did not disappoint and well worth the wait. I can’t wait to see what

Monika does next. Phenomenal writer.”

Amazon: “Love. Love. Love. This book was everything. Written so you could vividly

imagine everything that was happening. You will not be disappointed. I’m patiently

waiting for another book. Monika, you killed it with this one.”


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