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Monika M. Pickett is a former advertising sales executive with the Washington Times and the National Society of Black Engineers. She is a veteran of the United States Army.

Ms. Pickett is a highly sought-after speaker and LGBTQ rights activist. She also is an author of a monthly column, available online at, and, where she shares her thoughts, experiences, and advice about coming out, same-sex marriage and divorce, navigating the U.S. healthcare system, ongoing cultural bias, and other issues.

Monika is the author of the #1 international best-selling novel Pretty Boy Blue, Second Edition, and its sequel, The Darkest Shade of Blue.

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From playing house as a child to her first kiss as a teenager, Nikki Blue knew that she was different from other girls. One day her slice of the American dream would include a white picket fence and a wife. While her family life is in upheaval and her loved ones battle around her, Nikki’s struggles escalate as her childhood innocence is stolen and she is uprooted over and over again. Despite her father’s abandonment and her mother’s denial, Nikki is determined to discover her truest self. She stumbles through adolescence with the visage of a debutante and the attitude of a cocksure college boy. To escape being bullied in school, Nikki finds solace in the Washington, D.C., gay and lesbian club scene. Flamboyant gay men and drag queens teach her the nuances of being fierce. 

The Darkest Shade of Blue by Monika Pick


Nikki Blue refuses to allow society's standards to stand in the way of her dreams of having a wife. Her yearnings of motherhood outweigh her fantasies of one day marrying Katrice Carrington. She is determined, by any means necessary, to become a mother. When Nikki is deployed to war, she devises a plan to have the family she's always wanted. Nikki is devastated when Katrice breaks her heart and finds comfort in the arms of another woman. As a single mother, Nikki grieves the life she thought they would share. Nikki searches for the woman who can give her the one thing she's always longed